Yosemite CA / Bisbee AZ / Grand Lake CO / Seattle WA / Sacramento CA

Peter Kingham: Producer / Engineer / Multi-instrumentalist / Musician

AT STARR KING STUDIOS, I offer competitive rates.

You won't break the bank while getting professional results. Whether you want to mix, edit, compose/arrange, or start from scratch with your band, I can help you make the record you've always wanted to make!

TRACKING:  Usually $35/hour.  If you want to track live or you have more than four people in your band, I have to raise the rate to $40/hour because of the added workload. TIP: know your music by heart when you arrive, it will cost you less!

EDITING: While this is usually part of the tracking process, sometimes people want their existing tracks fixed somehow...which I can do. The rate for this is a bargain at $20/hour.

MIXING:  I'll mix your tracks for a flat rate of $100 per song if you have all your tracks and edits already completed.  If not, then I'll have to charge by the hour at $25/hr.  The flat rate includes warranty: send 'em back if you're not happy and I'll tweak until you are.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION: I'm good with MIDI and will help you create the music in your head.  Rates for this vary on the individual project. Click the contact link and we'll work it out.

MASTERING: Many clients prefer to send their mixes to a specialty mastering studio.  However, if you opt to finish the project here, I have the skills and equipment at $40/song.