Yosemite CA / Bisbee AZ / Grand Lake CO / Seattle WA / Sacramento CA

Peter Kingham: Producer / Engineer / Multi-instrumentalist / Musician

At Starr King Studios, we have pro equipment.  

COMPUTER: Lenovo W-530 with two monitors, i7 processor, 16 gb RAM.  Very fast with few errors, also is portable (can use with portable interfaces/pres)

DAWs: Pro Tools 12.8.1 (most current version of Pro Tools); PreSonus Studio 1, also proficient in Logic and Garageband, but prefer Pro Tools and S1.


    -- PreSonus Studio 192 interface (up to 192 ghz A/D conversion), with 8 onboard top-end PreSonus preamps, as well as onboard DSP and software controls, cue mix controls, and multiple monitoring capability

    -- ART ProMPA dual tube analog preamp 

    -- PreSonus Digimax D8, 8 additional analog/ADAT preamps, software controllable with DSP

    -- Digidesign/Avid 003 Rack, 4 mic preamps, 4 analog line inputs, and MIDI

    -- ART Studio V3 multi-use preamp

    -- Behringer 14 channel mixer

    -- PreSonus Faderport HUI

     --AVID Mbox 2 with MIDI

ADDITIONAL PLUGINS/SOFTWARE: Celemony Melodyne vocal manipulation software, IK Multimedia T-Racks Deluxe Mastering Suite, SampleTank 3, AmpliTube 3 (Guitar effects); Antares Mic-Mod 3, Sugar Bytes Unique Synthesizer, EQuivocate, plus all included Pro Tools plugins (eq's, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, etc), and in addition a host of included PreSonus DSP plugins!

REFERENCE MONITORS: Carvin SRS 8", M-Audio 5", Kenwood sub, JBL 6"

MXL MICROPHONES:  3000 large diaphragm condenser, 870, 880, and 890 large diaphragm condensers, 860 ribbon mic, two 840 instrumental mics (stereo pair), 890 critical vocal mic, 990 condenser, 991 pencil condenser

SHURE MICROPHONES: four SM-57 instrumental dynamic mics, Beta 52A kick drum/upright bass dynamic mic, beta SM-58 dynamic vocal mic

OTHER MICROPHONES: 2 CAD pencil condensers, 2 Audix i-5 dynamic mics (good for guitar cab and toms), 1 Audio-Technica dynamic mic

DRUMS/PERCUSSION: Tama Superstar kick and toms, Yamaha oak snare, Sabian AAX and B8 cymbals, Remo congas, shakers, maraccas

ELECTRIC GUITARS:  Fender USA '57 reissue stratocaster (1997), Fender USA HSS FMT stratocaster(2005), 1980 Tokai MIJ lawsuit Telecaster with DiMarzio Twang King pickups, D'Angelico Excel DC dual cutaway semi-hollowbody (ES 335 style)

ACOUSTIC GUITARS: 2005 Martin MMV rosewood,  1996 Taylor 420 maple,  1999 Taylor 555 12 string mahogany, Simon & Patrick parlor mahogany

BASS GUITAR: Fender Deluxe PJ

OTHER STRINGED INSTRUMENTS: Gretsch Broadkaster 5-string resonator banjo, Kim W. Maestro all maple f-style mandolin

HEADPHONES / OTHER: Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and 4 pairs GearOne headphones, Two 4-channel headphone amplifiers, M-Audio MIDI Controller/keyboard, and more--even a washbucket bass!